Refund Policy

Idur Academy maintains a strict policy regarding the cancellation and refund of subscribed packages. Once a user has subscribed to a package, cancellation is not permitted, and refunds are not issued under any circumstances. This policy is predicated on the unique nature of the offerings—non-tangible and irrevocable educational goods. By engaging with our services, customers acknowledge and accept the inherent characteristics of these goods, and it is their responsibility to comprehend that no refund or cancellation option exists post-subscription.

This policy is designed to ensure clarity and transparency in our transactions. We emphasize that customers need to carefully consider their subscription choices, as the commitment to a package is final and irreversible. We encourage users to thoroughly explore our offerings, features, and terms before making a subscription decision.

This approach aligns with our commitment to delivering high-quality educational content and maintaining fairness in our business practices. While we understand that individual circumstances may vary, the non-negotiable stance on refunds and cancellations is a foundational aspect of our service structure, aiming to provide a consistent and equitable experience for all subscribers.

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Revisions to this policy:

Idur Global Tech Solutions reserves the right to revise, amend or modify this policy at any time and in any manner it pleases. Any change or revision will be posted on our Web site.

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